Case Study

Floating Furniture


A client (Advanced Maintenance UK Limited – AM) approached us with a somewhat unusual request. They wanted furniture that appeared to float in their boardroom. The idea was to reflect the products produced by AM, namely their flooring.

The intention was to give the illusion that the furniture had emerged from the floor and was part of it. The primary challenge, therefore, lay in using very heavy, non-furniture materials in a practical way, which would still be functional.

Making furniture out of heavy, hard-wearing flooring material that was light enough to be practical, but maintains the illusion of being part of the floor was a tricky task.

Our engineers had to design a specially constructed lightweight frame to reduce overall product weight, but that would be robust enough to cope with the weight of the flooring material and withstand any loads that could reasonably be experienced by it during normal use.

The client was very happy with the finished product.