Woodwork Repolishing

A large and important part of the work carried out in our workshop is woodwork re-polishing. A key element of furniture restoration is sympathetically and carefully repairing, stripping and repolishing wooden furniture, whether it be the wooden frame of a chair, antique desks or the wooden panelling in a reception area.

Our team of wood restorers have over 40 years combined wood polishing experience. Working with small and large businesses alike, we have helped many clients to restore furniture back to its best.

Our team works on a wide range of wooden furniture, stripping back years of wear and tear, and creating tables, chairs and benches which are as good as new, at a fraction of the price, to replace.

We help our clients:

  • Repolish benches and open space items
  • Repolish wooden framed chairs
  • Return desks to their original condition
  • Repolish boardroom tables and doors
  • Reglue, fill and reveneer council furniture
  • Restore cabinets
  • Renovate university college accommodation suites
  • And plenty more!

Our woodwork projects can be very intricate in nature involving aging new wood to match with original old wood, colour matching lacquers, finding non-toxic alternatives to old fashioned polishing methods and large scale restoration of historical antiques.

Meet Ben Clark, Our Woodwork Repolishing Expert

Our star polisher, Ben has followed in his father’s footsteps to become an expert in the furniture restoration trade. With 26 years of experience, Ben is still keen for a challenge and loves working on antique furniture to bring it back to life. “Anything with a history to it and the older the better!” he says. His favourite projects include the intricate restoration of benches from the National Gallery (which made a magnificent cameo appearance in the Bond film, Skyfall) and the detailed repolishing of antique furniture from numerous Oxford University Colleges. Ben is an avid Liverpool supporter and family man, loves a quiet drink and to be with friends.