As with many companies that have withstood the test of time, innovation has been an essential element of our growth and expansion.
The overriding objectives are to provide bespoke, high quality furniture solutions for our clients, where traditional craftsmanship meets tomorrow’s technology, whilst directly contributing to a reduction in environmental consumption through innovative restoration and refurbishment rather than disposal and replacement.

Research & Development

Berkshire Office Furniture has been proactive in the design, development, manufacture and install of seating and desking solutions, bespoke office fit-outs and renovation of iconic furniture. Over the last 25 years we have developed an impressive client list, many of whom rely on us for all their furniture requirements.
Our commitment to push boundaries in the industry has led to an increasing focus on research & development that now forms a highly significant, vital and integral part of the business.

A significant driver for research & development is to supply business clients with furniture and collaborative design solutions to enhance productivity and morale of the workforce; primarily through the supply of ergonomic, health-promoting and highly aesthetic workplace furniture.

The main aims of research & development are to:

  1. Design and manufacture new and bespoke products to solve your particular problems
  2. Provide a unique and bespoke service that will enable you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint whilst simultaneously improving workforce efficiency, morale and productivity;
  3. Ensure continuity of traditional craftsmanship through adaptation of new technology. This includes the development of new, safer, environmentally responsible ways to restore furniture; i.e. without using traditional materials which are either no longer available or have been banned on health grounds.

Our Indestructible Student Chair

High level collaboration between director Jamie Beasley and South Downs College resulted in the creation of the “indestructible” student chair. 15 years ago this was hailed as a major breakthrough in student chairing solutions and, over time, led to increased demand from schools, universities and colleges. Today the indestructible student chair is the market leader and sets the industry standard for student chairing solutions. It is innovation such as this that has opened the doors for lasting relationships with individuals and corporations; making us trailblazers in our field.